What makes Lightfoot unique?

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  • Lightfoot connects to each vehicle’s on-board computer and constantly monitors engine stress and performance
  • It feeds this back to drivers using a unique system of audible and visual prompts
  • Lightfoot works with drivers in the moment, rather than retrospectively reporting on them
  • Connected car technology reports on vehicle health, fault codes, tax and MOT dates, and much more
  • Real-time visual and audible feedback is the most effective way of improving driver behaviour long-term
  • Lightfoot is pro-driver – our aim is to protect and reward your drivers, not punish them
  • Drivers are empowered to self-improve and self-manage
  • Score and leagues encourage positive, friendly competition between drivers
  • Every driver is rewarded with Lightfoot – an approach that turns fleet management on its head
  • A score of 85% or above earns Elite Driver status – our gold standard for smooth driving
  • Elite Drivers unlock additional, exclusive benefits
  • Tiered rewards, prizes, and perks give drivers a genuine reason to continually improve

Saving money

Fitting Lightfoot in seven of your vehicles will have the same financial and environmental impact as taking one vehicle off the road altogether.

Choose Lightfoot to make your business more profitable

  • Save 10-20% on your annual fuel bill
  • Have 40% fewer claims per year – and reduce claims costs by 60%
  • Reduce vehicle downtime by 45% to save on repairs and time lost
  • Each vehicle and driver can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds every year

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Lightfoot is the world’s first technology
to reward better drivers.

Road safety

Choose Lightfoot because you care about the safety of your staff and other road users.

  • 1.25m people per year die in road traffic accidents - including half a million children
  • Lightfoot drivers make our roads safer by having 40% fewer accidents (as verified by Allianz Insurance plc)
  • If an accident does occur, they tend to be less severe – claims costs are reduced by 60%
  • “Drivers are demonstrably safer thanks to Lightfoot.” – Scott Batty (Head of Broking, Dunsby Associates)
19 million tonnes of CO2

Air quality and emissions

Choose Lightfoot because your business cares about the planet.

  • Reduce vehicle emissions by as much as 20% (as verified by the University of Bath)
  • Instantly and sustainably reduce your carbon footprint – part of a meaningful corporate social responsibility policy
  • Award-winning advanced automotive engineering
  • EVs and ULEVs are still only as efficient as their drivers – smoother drivers improve the performance of all vehicles

Rewarding drivers and staff

Choose Lightfoot and give something back to your drivers

  • Elite Drivers can win a range of weekly prizes including tech giveaways, hotel stays, driving experiences and even a year’s supply of pies
  • The average user saves over £500 per year in discounts with Lightfoot Rewards
  • Company and private leagues give drivers another incentive to drive smoothly
  • Smoother driving will help them save outside of work as well

Be part a global community of businesses and drivers who care about the environment,
who care about road safety and who like to be rewarded for caring.

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autoglass-logo The fitting of Lightfoot has virtually eliminated accidents... employees have adopted a smoother driving style and greater awareness of what's happening on the road around them.
David Phillips - Group Logistics Director
Aggregate industriesThey (the drivers) are now trying to drive economically by their own wish, with little management involvement, saving the company money.
Jeff Russell - Health, Safety & Environmental Officer
polygon group logoIt is extremely refreshing to work with a company that deem service levels to be so important. Nothing is too much trouble and they are extremely flexible and helpful.
Sharon Beets - Supplier Relationship Manager

The benefits

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A fleet of smoother drivers can do amazing things for your business.

  • MPG increased 18.8% – Douglas and Gordon
  • 2,500t of CO2 saved p/a – Virgin Media
  • 80% reduction in at-fault claims – Montel Civil Engineering
  • Vehicle downtime reduced 45% - CEF

Already have telematics?

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Lightfoot can work alongside, and enhance your experience with, traditional telematics systems. When your telematics contract runs out, simply contact your Lightfoot Account Manager to discuss upgrading to our full telematics package.

  • Real-time tracking and historical journey details
  • Overspeed and harsh event reports
  • Geofencing
  • Business/private mileage and timesheet verification
  • Vehicle Management – service/tax/MOT reports, vehicle health, remote diagnostics

Driver Perks

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Good drivers are worth their weight in gold. Lightfoot improves your operations by engaging directly with your drivers, coaching and incentivising a smoother driving style and rewarding good performance.

With our Driver Perks package, your drivers can:

  • Check their score and monitor their performance
  • Create and compete in leagues
  • Receive exclusive discounts and enter our weekly competitions
  • Save at over 100 retailers, restaurants, travel agents, hotels, and attractions

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