15-20% Savings on Fuel Bills

60% Accident Reduction

Tracking and Telematics

Your drivers are the solution - not the problem.

Lightfoot gives drivers the tools to improve and the incentives to make them want to.
The results? Reduced risk, significant financial savings, and a much smaller carbon footprint. All with minimal management involvement.

Cost Reductions = Rapid ROI

Lightfoot improves driver efficiency and typically saves users 15-20% on fuel bills, ensuring rapid payback and ROI.

Examples of MPG uplift




Improving safety & efficiency through changes in driver behaviour

Lightfoot improves driver behaviour with customers reporting significant at-fault collision reductions of up to 60%.

Accident frequency down by 60%

Real-time Tracking and Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Stay on top of all routine compliance requirements and any faults affecting your vehicles with Lightfoot’s comprehensive and easy-to-use fleet management portal, including:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Historical journey details
  • Instances and duration of overspeed
  • Geofencing
  • Service, Tax and MOT Report
  • Time-sheet verification
Aviva, RSA, and Allianz are just some of Lightfoots Partners

Driver Perks

Fleet Drivers with Personal Accounts

Good drivers are worth retaining as employees. Let us engage with your drivers and make sure they feel lucky to work for your organisation and are loyal to your company.

With Driver Perks they will get to:

  • See their score and monitor their performance
  • Receive special deals on their personal car insurance
  • Create their own leagues
  • Compete in Lightfoot Leagues
  • Access their data via the Lightfoot app (available on iOS & Android)

All drivers receive

  • 10% off restaurants
  • 20% off gym membership
  • 50% off days out
  • 10% off high street stores
  • 25% off travel
  • 15% off motoring

...plus over 80 other deals available

Elite Drivers also receive

  • 20% off personal car insurance
  • 10% off vehicle hire
  • 10% off breakdown cover
  • 15% off vehicle maintainance
  • Free coffees
  • Chance to win prizes...

Examples of prizes

  • Meet and race Nigel Mansell
  • Digital cameras
  • Supercar driving experiences
  • Bluetooth soundbars
  • A “Pie a Week for a Year”
  • GoPro HERO+

...plus many more

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