Insights into electric vehicle range and charging status

Live Battery Status and Location

Insights into EVs range and charging status

  • Battery status – charging/not charging – remaining range
  • Driver – Location – distance travelled – energy consumed
Lightfoot device and app, the new approach to fleet telematics

Simple and effective EV fleet solution

Driver Behaviour increases EV range

  • Lightfoot’s unique In-cab Driver Behaviour
  • Up to 40% reduction in accidents
  • Over 15% increase in range

Telematics & Fleet Management

Comprehensive telematics system

  • EV Charging reports
  • EV Journey reports
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Utilisation
  • Business & Private Mileage
  • Vehicle Health
Which vehicles can you change over to EV... ?

Which fleet vehicles can you change over to EV... ?

Lightfoot’s utilisation insights identify those most suited to be EV’s

  • Identify based on mileage
  • Identify based on overnight location and suitability for EV charging
  • Dynamically move vehicles around the fleet based on changing usage patterns

First Notification of Loss

Automated notification if vehicle involved in a suspected collision

  • Realtime FNOL delivered by email to defined recipients
  • Convey key data
  • Vehicle / Driver / Time&Date / Location / Severity / Playback
  • Duty of Care
Vehicle Safety Checks

Vehicle Safety Checks

Quick, easy and accountable

  • Check configurable by management in portal
  • Checks submitted by drivers in-App
  • Simple, paperless checklist
  • Duty of Care

Vehicle Health Management

Proactive health management and alerts

  • See vehicle Fault codes as they occur
  • Battery alerts
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Tax/Mot reminders
Expense Management

Expense Management

Consolidated view of all Expense reports in the fleet management portal

  • Summary of total energy charged by EV charge type
  • Individual and group expense reports and audit trail
  • Simple to verify and pay expenses

Fleet Manager App

Form mangers on the move

  • Track fleet vehicles on Google Maps
  • View location of vehicle and driver
  • View vehicle status (engine on/off)
  • View current vehicle speed
  • Track time to destination
  • View vehicle type (EV,Car, LCV, HGV etc)

Want to find out more about fleet electrification?

Give our Fleet Sustainability Calculator a try. This free tool will help you measure your progress in 4 key areas of fleet management – environmental impact, financial strength, operational efficiency, and EV readiness, with tailored recommendations to help you take your fleet further.

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

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