EV Charging - A problematic challenge for fleets

EVs made easy for Fleets

  • Making EV charging simple for fleets
  • Simplifying Fleet EV charge expense management
  • Increasing the range of your Fleets EVs with live in-cab driver behaviour
  • Full EV telematics and fleet management solution
  • A future-proofed solution for mixed fleets (ICE and EV)
Insights into electric vehicle range and charging status

Charge Management for Drivers in-App

1. Expense management for Home Charging

Automated expense claims process

100% accurate data from battery

2. ‘Nudge’ Reminders to Charge via App notifications

3. In-app visualisation of SoC and range

Driver Behaviour increases range

Unique In-cab Driver Coaching

  • Up to 40% reduction in accidents
  • over 15% increase in range
  • Delivers Uniformity of Driver Behaviour throughout fleet

EV Driving

EV telematics & Charge Management for Businesses

  • EV Dashboard
  • Live SoC and Charge Status
  • Charger History & reporting
  • Vehicle history & reporting
  • Full EV telematics

EV Telematics

Gamification and Rewards

Gamification & Incentivising Behaviours

Incentivise and reward behaviours

  • Driving behaviours
  • Charging behaviours

Want to find out more about fleet electrification?

Give our Fleet Sustainability Calculator a try. This free tool will help you measure your progress in 4 key areas of fleet management – environmental impact, financial strength, operational efficiency, and EV readiness, with tailored recommendations to help you take your fleet further.

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

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