Connected car technology rewarding better drivers.

introducing lightfoot for drivers

Connected car technology rewarding better drivers.

Drivers win with Lightfoot

Lightfoot is connected car technology that rewards better drivers.
To find out how it works and how to get the most out of it, click here.

Lightfoot’s mission is to make our roads safer, our environment cleaner and our motoring
less costly by incentivising smoother driving.

Every week Elite Drivers are eligible for
prizes, rewards and discounts

All drivers receive

  • 10% off restaurants
  • 20% off gym membership
  • 50% off days out
  • 10% off high street stores
  • 25% off travel
  • 15% off motoring over 80 other deals available

Elite Drivers also receive

  • 20% off personal car insurance
  • 10% off vehicle hire
  • 10% off breakdown cover
  • 15% off vehicle maintenance
  • Free coffees
  • Chance to win prizes...

Examples of prizes

  • Meet and race Nigel Mansell
  • Digital cameras
  • Supercar driving experiences
  • Bluetooth soundbars
  • A “Pie a Week for a Year”
  • GoPro HERO+ many more

I like the little prizes you get! It definitely does help your driving if you listen to Lightfoot.
Lee - Lightfoot driver
It would be a great benefit for my daughter too who has just started driving. It’s better than a black box because, as well as the insurance savings, you learn how to be a better driver.
Simon - Fleet Driver
I feel I’m now driving to help others – not just to get to my destination. It’s made me aware of how over-accelerating has the biggest impact on fuel consumption.
Rob - Lightfoot driver

The Lightfoot app

Drivers can check their Lightfoot score, compete in leagues and see whether they are an Elite Driver, eligible for prizes and special deals like discounts on their personal car insurance.

  • Track score and driving performance
  • Check positions in the Lightfoot leagues
  • Enter prize competitions
  • MOT/road tax reminders
  • Create and join new leagues
  • Business / private mileage report
  • Monitor journey distances and time
  • Change account options

To download the app you will need to visit the App store if you have an iPhone/iPad or Google Play if you have an android phone/tablet.

How Lightfoot Works

‘Long Term’ lights indicate your overall performance. GREEN and AMBER lights are great, the occasional RED is fine but too much will impact your score. Don’t worry, you’ll receive 2 audible prompts before penalty points are deducted from your score.

‘Real Time’ lights move up and down rapidly to reflect ‘live’ driving. Don’t try to be perfect; GREEN and AMBER is okay, just don’t spend too much time in the RED as it will start to impact on your ‘Long Term’ lights and your Lightfoot Score…

When you turn the engine off at the end of the journey, Lightfoot will tell you your journey score – aim to get 85% or above and hear “Elite Driving”.

There are three spoken messages:


Nothing is wrong, you haven’t lost any points; Lightfoot is giving you a heads-up that you’re approaching RED and should consider easing off.

"Nudge, Nudge"

You still have not lost any points, but you are getting closer. This is the last chance to ease off to avoid a penalty.

"Penalty received"

Penalties reduce your score, making it more difficult to be an Elite Driver (where you can win the prizes and rewards). Penalties will also show on your personal driver dashboard in the Lightfoot portal/app.

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