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Opportunity to win cash and prizes every week

Prizes this month

Amazon Echo dot 4th Gen

Eco dot 4th Gen

Supercar Blast

Supercar Blast

Hotel Chocolat hamper

Hotel Chocolat Hamper

1 in 10 chance of winning

All Elite Drivers who enter competitions have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize each week!

The Drivers' Lottery

Cash prizes – multiple prizes of between £2 to £100 every week

The Drivers' Lottery


Elite Drivers (those with a score of 85% or above) can enter our weekly competitions.

Competitions and exclusive deals


Compete with colleagues and friends to see who really is the better driver.


Download the Lightfoot app and active your account

Just had Lightfoot installed in your work vehicle?

The goal is simple – aim for Elite Driver standard by keeping the lights green as often as possible.

After every journey, you get a score that reflects how smoothly you have driven.

Nobody’s ever going to be 100% perfect, driving just isn’t like that. That’s why we set our Elite Driver standard at 85%.

This allows plenty of leeway for you to overtake other road users, quickly build speed on slip roads, and drive in other ways that are inefficient but necessary in everyday driving.

Remember, you only need to reach 85% to win in the weekly cash and prize draws in the driver app.

Lightfoot's lights

Lightfoot's Lights

Long term light

‘Long Term’ light indicates your overall performance. GREEN and AMBER lights are great, the occasional RED is fine but too much will impact your score. Don’t worry, you’ll receive 2 audible prompts before penalty points are deducted from your score.

Short term lights

‘Real Time’ lights move up and down rapidly to reflect ‘Live’ driving. Don’t try to be perfect; GREEN and AMBER is fine, just don’t spend too much time in RED as it will start to impact on your ‘Long Term’ light and your Lightfoot score…

Lightfoot's voice

Lightfoot also talks so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

There are three spoken messages:

volume_up “Nudge”

First warning that you’re not driving as smoothly as you could but part of every day driving. This warning is confidential between Lightfoot and driver.

volume_up “Nudge, nudge”

Second nudge to say that you are not driving as smoothly as you could. If you do not ease off you will receive a penalty. This warning is also confidential between Lightfoot and driver.

volume_up “Penalty received”

Penalties reduce your score, making it more difficult to be an Elite Driver where you can win the prizes. Penalties will also show up on the weekly reports seen by management, and also on your personal driver dashboard in the Lightfoot app.

Account activation

To get the most out of Lightfoot as a professional driver, you’ll need to activate your account.

Step 1

Request an activation code

Request an activation code

Request your code here or from within the Lightfoot app.

Step 2

Set up your Lightfoot account

Set up your Lightfoot account

You will receive an email from Lightfoot within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) with a link to set up your account.

Step 3

Download the Lightfoot app

Download the Lightfoot app

Search for Lightfoot in the App Store or Play Store and download our app.

Top tips

tip 1

Safety always comes first - if you need to drive inefficiently for a short period of time to stay safe then do so.

tip 2

Don’t try to be perfect - warnings are fine and won’t stop you being an ‘Elite Driver’, nor be visible to management.

tip 3

Try to avoid penalties – they will reduce your score and be visible in management reports.

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