The Lightfoot Story

Why Lightfoot was created...

Lightfoot was created to solve a very specific problem: even with the very latest clean energy  technology performance is not improved unless a vehicle is driven efficiently.

Efficient driving is the key to better fuel economy, reduced wear and tear, fewer accidents and lower harmful emissions. But it is traditionally very hard to achieve requiring extensive and ongoing training - something that is unrealistic in most situations.

Lightfoot changes all that - using the very latest developments in behavioural science as well as automotive technology, Lightfoot gives gentle nudges in real time to rapidly and sustainably re-condition drivers to become far more efficient.


Who is behind Lightfoot?


Lightfoot is brought to you by Ashwoods Lightfoot - a pioneering British clean tech automative engineering company making vehicles around the world cleaner and more efficient. Our electric motors power, for example, the very latest all-electric Morgan EV3 so we really know about vehicles and are at the very leading edge of technology.

But we also know drivers matter more than anything else. With Lightfoot we know we can take any vehicle and almost instantly make them 15-20% more efficient in an easy and sustainable way.

With over one billion vehicles on the road we know this can make a massive difference to our planet and we’re on a mission to get as many drivers and cars as possible part of the Lightfoot revolution.

Lightfoot's success with professional drivers

Before becoming available for the private motorist, Lightfoot has proven its value by helping thousands of professional fleet drivers save £millions of fuel and cutting accident rates by as much as 60%.

Here’s how a leading trade magazine reported comments from the boss of one of the UK’s largest commercial fleets - HSS Hire - on their experience with Lightfoot "The fitting of Lightfoot has virtually eliminated accidents".

See more about our commercial product here.


The Lightfoot Pilot - taking 100 private motorists and improving every single one


Following our success in the fleet market we were eager to see what impact could have on private motorists so we recruited a team of 100 pilot drivers in our home city of Exeter to try it out.

The results were better than anything we could have imagined: over an 8 week period every single driver performed better nearly every single week with Lightfoot than before and where 3% of them were in the 'Elite Driver’ zone before lightfoot, the majority of them were every week with Lightfoot.

Putting this into perspective, that means our hundred drivers were saving over a tonne of CO2 every single week. Just think of the impact if everyone drove with Lightfoot...

What happens next - become part of the Lightfoot revolution

Following the success of our beta trial, we're now ready to take pre-orders for Lightfoot from private motorists. We're making 500 devices available at a significant discount for early birds.

If you enjoy technology and want to be one of the first in the world to get their hands on a Lightfoot, then you can pre-order today! As a reward to all our early supporters, the earlier you order, the more discount you will get.


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