How Lightfoot Works

Lightfoot and your engine's sweet spot

It’s Lightfoot’s job to help you find your car’s sweet spot… every car has one…it’s the place where you can enjoy maximum performance for the minimum effort.

To find it we need to deploy our extensive automotive engineering expertise to dial you in to your car’s engineering.

Once Lightfoot has locked you on to your car’s unique heartrate, it then helps you zero in on the sweetspot…..and that is where the good stuff happens...


How Lightfoot keeps you in the sweet spot


Lightfoot connects to your car’s engine and constantly monitors whether you are in the sweet spot.

When you are, Lightfoot is happy, and your driving score will be good.

However, if you start to move away from the engine’s sweet spot, Lightfoot will give you a gentle nudge so you can get back to efficient driving without damaging your score.

Your Lightfoot score

Lightfoot is not only constantly monitoring your engine and helping you keep it in its sweet spot, it also turns your driving into a performance score in real time and lets you track your progress over time.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible get into what we have defined as our ‘Elite Driver’ zone. That means a Lightfoot score of 8,500 or above and it is a level that only two or three in every hundred normal non-Lightfoot drivers typically achieve.

With Lightfoot, we see the majority of drivers achieving this Elite Driver level week in or week out which means they are going to be saving significant amounts of money, enjoying more relaxed (and safer) driving and eligible for incentives and prizes (see below)...


Your Lightfoot dashboard


Every Lightfoot user has access to a Lightfoot dashboard which gives you a real-time update on your latest Lightfoot score for the current week plus a record of your performance over time.

The dashboard will also give you details of how much fuel you have saved, how many tonnes of CO2 you have saved and how much money you have saved using Lightfoot.

They will also show you all the leagues and competitions you are competing in so you can see where you stand and how much better you need to do to get to the top!

Lightfoot leagues and competitions

As a Lightfoot driver you will get to compete in our Lightfoot leagues to win prizes and incentives.

You will also be able to set up your own private leagues so you can compete against your friends, family and colleagues.

Every week league winners and runners up will be notified by email of their success and receive badges on their Lightfoot dashboard.

Portal League Example

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