Lightfoot means a fully connected 'smart car'

Lightfoot turns your car into a fully connected 'smart car' with a constant link to the internet which means you can access a range of amazing features and functions to improve your driving experience, put you in control and save you time and money.

With Lightfoot you will soon be able to get...

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Mechanical Alerts

If you have an engine warning light come on, Lightfoot will be able to give you a full description of exactly what is wrong.

This gives you the chance to fix it yourself or the option to contact your local mechanic already knowing exactly what you need fixing.

This helps you remove the uncertainty and stay in control.

Business v Personal Mileage

Lightfoot lets you easily record which journeys are for business and which are personal and enables you to download the information for your records and expenses forms.

This means you can be sure of accurate and validated expenses and helps make sure you claim back everything you are entitled to.

And it saves you the time and effort working it all out for yourself.

Breakdown Help

Lightfoot is there to help you when things go wrong such as a breakdown or mechanical fault.

Lightfoot can notify your breakdown provider where you are and what went wrong so they get to you as quickly as possible and come prepared.

This means peace of mind and the speediest possible recovery for you and your passengers.

Crash Assistance

If Lightfoot detects you have been in a serious collision a trained expert will attempt to make contact with you through your mobile phone.

If they do not receive a response, they will contact the emergency services and direct them to your location.

We hope you never need this service, but it is there to help and provide reassurance in case the worst ever happens.

Stolen Car Tracking

Lightfoot connects your car to the internet and knows your position at all times.

If your vehicle is stolen we can log in and provide real-time location details for you to give to the police.

This will obviously make recovery much more likely and straightforward.

Road Tax and MOT Reminders

Lightfoot can provide you with a whole raft of important information about your car including details of its Road Tax and MOT status.

You can also see its MOT history and details of any issues that have been raised in previous inspections.

Lightfoot can also provide notifications to remind you when you need to renew your Road Tax or book your car in for its MOT.

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