Lightfoot welcomes Spiller & Tait!

Spiller & Tait are giving away 6 months’ worth of coffee to one lucky Lightfoot Elite Driver. If you’re a coffee lover, you’re going to love this! Lightfoot have teamed up with Award Winning Coffee Company Spiller & Tait for next week’s Elite Driver prize.  They are giving one lucky winner six months’ worth of…

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Lightfoot welcomes Westerly MINI!

Here at Lightfoot, we’re always looking for new ways to reward the UK’s best drivers. Now we’ve teamed up with Westerly Exeter to bring you an exciting new prize: a Mini Convertible can be yours for a weekend! Take it to the hills, countryside or the coast with the roof down, feeling the breeze in…

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Study finds that bad driving is a major turn-off

Our friends at IAM Roadsmart conducted a study that found bad drivers are far less attractive than those who are competent behind the wheel. In fact, the results showed that as many as 4 in 5 women were physically turned off by men who drive badly, and 28% of men experienced less attraction towards women who displayed poor…

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What makes a great driver?

What makes a great driver? How do they do it? Is it a natural ability? Can it be learnt? Well, the best place to start is to look at some of the best drivers in the world, both past and present. Sir Stirling Moss, James Hunt, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and more recently, a young…

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Get a FREE Lightfoot!

We are delighted to announce that as part of a special collaboration between Lightfoot and Exeter City Futures, a limited number of drivers will be able to obtain a Lightfoot device FREE*. The only requirement is that you drive in or around Exeter for 2 or more days each week. In return, Exeter City Futures…

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Lightfoot wins a Connected Transport Award from IoT Evolution!

We are very excited to announce that IoT Evolution has selected Lightfoot as a winner of their Connected Transport Award, alongside our friends Gemalto! IoT Evolution is a company based in America that highlights how IoT – the ‘internet of things’ – technologies can be used with the wireless network to ‘significantly improve business processes, minimise risk, spur…

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How Lightfoot tamed me…

Alastair Banks is the director of Optix Solutions, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Exeter. He had a Lightfoot fitted to his car earlier in the year and has written the below post about his experience.At the age of just 16 I started my love affair with cars. I had an F40 on my wall as a…

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How to get your car out of the snow

With the first of the winter weather rolling in, driving conditions can become a lot more challenging. As well as ice and sleet making the roads more hazardous, there’s always a chance that a flurry of snow will suddenly drop… and however nice it looks, it’s not so fun when you’re trying to get your…

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There are a limited number of special opportunities to get involved with Lightfoot for free if you drive at least one day a week in Exeter.


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Ahead of our consumer launch later in 2017 we have a limited number of prototype systems available for purchase at a special price.


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