How to reduce your car insurance in 6 easy steps

Here at Lightfoot, we’ve been busy talking to insurers about how good drivers deserve lower insurance premiums. After all, why should they pay for someone’s else’s bad driving? While we’re busy with that, here are some top tips for how to reduce your car insurance in no particular order – we’d definitely recommend you take…

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Lightfoot Lesley wins prestigious ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award at Crufts

We’re so excited that Lesley and Aero, our resident celebrity duo, are the first ever winners of Pam St. Clement’s prestigious ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award, which was presented at Crufts last Saturday. Lesley volunteers for a charity called Therapy Dogs Nationwide, which has been going for almost a year now. She takes Aero, her…

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Have you heard of ‘speed on green’ cameras?

We all know how to spot those dreaded yellow boxes at the side of the road, lying in wait to catch us off-guard should we speed past in a rush. Most of us are also aware that some traffic lights have cameras on them, ready and waiting to snap anybody who fails to stop when…

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Opportunities in Marketing/Engagement

Do you fancy working for an award-winning, fast growing company with plenty of room for progression? Our Marketing and Engagement teams are looking for new members! If you or anyone you know would like to come and join in with the fun, head to our careers page for more info.   

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Lightfoot features in a BBC documentary about air pollution

We had some very special visitors to our offices last week, filming the Inside Out program on BBC One that Lightfoot was featured in on Monday. This week’s program comes as part of the BBC’s #SoICanBreathe campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the growing problem of air pollution. Jemma, the presenter, visits a village…

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Air pollution: the facts (and the quickest way to make a difference)

Suddenly everyone is talking about air pollution – which is great – but there’s a lot of misunderstanding and little awareness of the real cause and how we can rapidly make a difference. Here’s our attempt to throw some light on the whole situation: 40,000 deaths a year linked to air pollution…. Recently, more and more…

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Changes to the law that will affect motorists

So, March is finally here and spring is almost in sight! It’s certainly is a time of change, from Brexit to Trump to the weather (we hope!), so we just thought we’d remind you of a few changes to the law that you might not have been aware of. Mobile phones behind the wheel Starting…

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Lightfoot welcomes Spiller & Tait!

Spiller & Tait are giving away 6 months’ worth of coffee to one lucky Lightfoot Elite Driver. If you’re a coffee lover, you’re going to love this! Lightfoot have teamed up with Award Winning Coffee Company Spiller & Tait for next week’s Elite Driver prize.  They are giving one lucky winner six months’ worth of…

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Lightfoot welcomes Westerly MINI!

Here at Lightfoot, we’re always looking for new ways to reward the UK’s best drivers. Now we’ve teamed up with Westerly Exeter to bring you an exciting new prize: a Mini Convertible can be yours for a weekend! Take it to the hills, countryside or the coast with the roof down, feeling the breeze in…

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