Meet Milly Harding, our new HR Manager!

The Lightfoot family is delighted to welcome Milly to the team! As Lightfoot’s HR Manager, Milly will be looking after our employees, making sure they have a person to go to, implementing personnel policies and structure. This will underpin our current rapid growth and also facilitate future expansion. We’re not anticipating slowing down! Her role…

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Our experience employing an apprentice – National Apprenticeship Week

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, we want to share our experience of employing an apprentice and talk about how well it’s working for us, both as a team and as a company. In September 2017, Sean O’Farrell joined us as our first ever apprentice in the role of Digital Marketing Assistant. We were keen to…

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Meet Jasmine, our new Accounts Assistant!

The Lightfoot family is delighted to welcome Jasmine to the team! As an Accounts Assistant, Jasmine will be working next to Kayleigh in keeping our finances running smoothly. They are currently coming up with improved processes to ensure that, as the company continues to grow, they can take on more and keep up with all the new…

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Meet Phil Bate, our new PHP MySQL Developer!

The Lightfoot family is delighted to welcome Phil to the team! Initially, he will be auditing the front end/driver portal to check for duplication. Once this is complete, his focus will be helping the web developers and the server team by developing an API, which the front end and mobile app will eventually run through…

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Lightfoot Marketing and Engagement team goes to Barcelona!

As if we don’t spend enough time in each other’s company as it is, several members of the marketing and engagement team decided to go on holiday together, so we headed to the lovely city of Barcelona for a long weekend away. The team posing for one last photo before the inevitable mad dash to…

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Meet Alex Bristow, our new Business Development Manager

The Lightfoot family is delighted to welcome Alex to the team! As a Business Development Manager, Alex will be in charge of introducing our product and services to fleets of varying sizes across the UK. He has 15 years of experience in the leasing industry, with fleets ranging in size from 20 to 500. After his…

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Meet Shaun Thornburgh, our new Web Developer!

The Lightfoot family is delighted to welcome Shaun to the team! As a Web Developer, he will build all the API for Lightfoot and will be working on the Green ticket system. The API is a transfer application program/interface that enables both software and programs to talk to each other. The Green ticket system has…

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Meet George Bennett, our new Technical Support Engineer!

The Lightfoot family is delighted to welcome George to the team! As a Technical Support Engineer, he will act as an interface between the technical team and customer support and account management. So, for any issues, both internal or external, he will be responsible for solving them, answering any questions, as well as redirecting them…

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Road Safety Conference 2018: Safer journeys for all

“Although the UK has some of the safest roads in the world, we are always looking to make them safer.” – Jesse Norman, Transport Minister On 30th January 2018, the Road Safety Conference held at Adelphi House, Salford, offered the chance to learn about many aspects of the road safety situation in the UK and the future plans for…

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