Meet Kayleigh Searle, our new Senior Financial Controller

What’s your job title? Senior Financial Controller What did you do before you came to us, and what does your job now involve? I worked for an accountancy firm for 7 years, which involved visiting other companies to help them to sort out their finances. I advised all sorts of companies about their accounts, so…

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How to Report Dangerous Driving

Every now and again, whether you’re a driver or passenger in a vehicle, it’s likely that you’ll come across someone driving dangerously. According to Thames Valley Police, all fatal or serious accidents on British roads can be linked to what they call the ‘Fatal Four’. These are: Speeding Driving while not wearing seat belts Distraction…

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My Lightfoot Life – Nikita Kushnaryov, Data Analyst

What is your job title? Data Analyst. What does that involve? In short, it involves measuring and analysing driver improvement, mpg savings and emissions data. What do you like about your job? There are never two days that are the same. Every question I get asked by a client or co-worker is different and this…

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Braking Distances on Ice

With the winter weather fast approaching it means more care and consideration is needed on the roads – but specifically? You need to radically rethink your braking distances if you find yourself driving on ice. Braking distances on ice can be 10 times greater than regular breaking distances Which means some serious distance is covered…

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New starter – Darrell Goss, Senior Full Stack Developer

Can you tell us about your home life? I am married and have a daughter at primary school. My wife is a Forest School Teacher in South Devon, we met through friends and have been together since 2001. What’s your job title? Senior Full Stack Developer What does that involve? You have to do everything…

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You save fuel if you don’t have a car… or by having Lightfoot!

How do I win by having Lightfoot? 1) I save money while driving more efficiently Using real-time, in-car verbal and visual guidance, Lightfoot is proven to rapidly and sustainably change the way people drive to help them save fuel, reduce harmful emissions and significantly lower their chances of having an accident. 2) I compete to…

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Meet Sean O’Farrell, Lightfoot’s first apprentice

When you are given an opportunity to do something big and unplanned that will dramatically change your life’s journey – and if you said no, you know you’d always regret it – would you take it? Of course you would! Hi, I’m Sean, Lightfoot’s first apprentice. My job title is ‘Digital Marketing Assistant’, which requires…

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Brands Hatch BritCar Endurance – Final Round – “Into the Night”

So, over the weekend we were treated to the final round of the 2017 BritCar Endurance series. It did not disappoint. Callum Hawkins-Row and Angus Dudley, proudly bearing the Lightfoot logo on their #33 Team Hard Ginetta, faced a challenging weekend. After a wet and also controversial race on the Saturday evening, it was far…

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Beyond The Crash: 8 OTHER Reasons Not To Speed

Now, we love cars, good driving roads and we’re all for keeping the fun in motoring – but you can make good progress with a smooth drive, reaching the speed limits, showing that flare that only a Lightfoot Elite Driver can, without excessive speed. In an attempt to prevent speeding, most organisations tend to focus…

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My Lightfoot Life – Dave Hannah, Service and Installation Manager

What is your job title? Service and Installation Manager What does that involve? Anything technical – troubleshooting, making sure installs are done properly and liaising with our fitting teams. As well as quality control, making sure we are current with legislation and FITAS FCS1362. This ensures everything is done safely, properly and as it should…

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