Go Hard or Go Home

At the weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to hang out with Team Hard Racing’s Callum Hawkins-Row and Angus Dudley, drivers of the #33 Ginetta in the famous BritCar endurance series. Callum and Angus have recently made quite an entrance into the BritCar, quickly earning the respect of not only their fellow teammates…

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My Lightfoot Life – Jeremy Ellison, Finance Director

An interview with Jeremy from The Lightfoot team… 1) What is your job title? Finance Director 2) What does it involve? Helping to manage the growth of the business, financing that growth and working with senior management on strategy. 3) What’s your favourite thing about it? The ever-changing environment, the exciting growth opportunities in the…

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How should you respond to aggressive driving?

Driving should be a pleasant experience – most of the time anyway. However, if you’re being followed or challenged by an aggressive driver, things can quickly unravel. Stress levels rocket, words are said that can’t be unsaid. It’s certainly not a situation that many of us want to find ourselves in. Regardless of why other…

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My Lightfoot Life – Dr John Poxon, Operations Manager

An interview with John from The Lightfoot Team… 1) What is your job title? Here at Lightfoot I am the Operations Manager 2) What does your job involve? It means a lot of liaising with all of the different departments in the business. For both employees and customers, I’m constantly offering support 3) What’s your favourite thing…

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My Lightfoot Life – Emily Scobie, Business Development Manager

An interview with Emily from The Lightfoot Team… 1) What is your job title? Business Development Manager. 2) What does your job involve? I contact new businesses to generate new opportunities for Lightfoot. 3) What’s your favourite thing about it? I love the people I work with within Lightfoot. I like the diversity of speaking to different people…

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Chief Secretary to the Treasury visits Lightfoot HQ to learn how we are rewarding better drivers

We were delighted to welcome David Gauke, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to Lightfoot HQ yesterday to learn more about Lightfoot’s approach to rewarding better drivers (pictured above with Lightfoot’s marketing director Tony Harbron). Government support for Lightfoot Following the support Lightfoot has received from the UK Government – such as the Innovate UK grant we…

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My Lightfoot Life – Ben Atherton, Web Developer

An interview with Ben from The Lightfoot Team… 1) What is your job title? Here at Lightfoot I am a Web Developer. 2) What does your job involve? In a nutshell, we bring the data together and make it pretty. 3) What’s your favourite thing about it? I really enjoy seeing all the data in action…

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Lightfoot welcomes Rupert Lyon Taylor to the team

Rupert Lyon Taylor joins us as Operations Director and comes with an automotive background. He spent 16 years with a business acting as Jaguar Land Rover’s distributor for a number countries around the world. The business grew from a start-up to £120m turnover and 90 people. He held various roles but most latterly as Chief…

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Lightfoot welcomes Marc Atkins to the team

Before joining Lightfoot Marc was a web designer / developer for a consumer electronics company making games controllers, from flight simulation controllers to high-end e-sports gaming mice and keyboards . He joins Lightfoot in the position of web designer within the marketing and engagement team. For the past few years, Marc has co-organised a three day music and arts festival…

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Free Coffee for Elite Drivers!

Part of our Exeter pilot/beta group? Had a busy week saving yourself lots of money and improving air quality? Now you can reward yourself with a cup of free coffee, courtesy of The Milkmaid, Exeter. It’s not a one-off deal either – you can claim your free coffee EVERY WEEK that you’re an Elite Driver! There…

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