My Lightfoot Life – Kerry O’Farrell, Sales Manager

  1) What is your job title? Lightfoot Sales Manager 2) What does being a Lightfoot Sales Manager involve? It involves working with clients and also other members of the team to promote Lightfoot, find new customers and find new opportunities. 3) What’s your favourite part of it? Believe it or not, it’s actually the cold calling!…

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7 Tips For Driving With Your Pet In The Car

You love travelling, the freedom of taking your car and driving wherever you want. Taking holidays on every place on your bucket list, but… you also have a dog. Does this have to change your plans? Not really! You just need to adapt the trip for them! Many dogs love travelling by car, so why…

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Lightfoot’s summer recap

So summer is officially over and it’s been so busy that we thought we’d have a quick recap of some of our favourite stories. Take a look and see if you missed anything!   1 We started the good weather interviewing our Finance Director, Jeremy, who has been with Lightfoot since the very beginning. Jeremy…

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My Lightfoot Life – Simon Shambrook, Firmware Engineer

1) What is your job title? I’m a Firmware Engineer 2) What does being a Firmware Engineer involve? I write the software that goes into the hubs – it’s basically what makes them work. 3) How did you learn how to do it? I have been doing it throughout my whole career really – I…

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Lightfoot ‘Highly Commended’ by Brake at Brake Fleet Safety Awards

We were Highly Commended as a Fleet Safety Product (in-vehicle technology) at the Brake Fleet Safety Awards last night. We were absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for two Brake Fleet Safety Awards earlier this year and Martin Kadhim, our Sales Director, had an amazing time at the ceremony in Solihull last week – he attended…

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How Much CO2 Does a Car Emit Per Year?

We all know that cars emit Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. This contributes to both air pollution and the greenhouse effect, contributing to a global rise in temperatures. These two reasons are why we monitor CO2 gas emissions. CO2 Emissions across the globe According to the UK government, transport makes up about 25% of the UK’s greenhouse…

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Win two VIP Hospitality tickets to the Brands Hatch BritCar Night Races

As you may have already seen on our Facebook page and other social media sites, we’ve been giving away some pretty cool prizes recently. (If not, head on over and like our page to stay in the loop!) We’re super excited to announce that we’re running a double prize! Double prize? What does that mean?…

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My Lightfoot Life – Dan Regan, Head of Engagement

What is your job title? I’m Head of Engagement, but also still wear another hat as Programme Manager, too. What does it involve? Well, Engagement is quite a new department (which is very exciting!) that sits alongside Marketing. It’s all about ensuring that every Lightfoot driver understands their Lightfoot, is enjoying using it and is…

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How to Deal with Road Rage

We know that’s there’s plenty of information online about how to deal with road rage from other people, but there’s one question that’s rarely asked. One that means taking a good long look at yourself and asking: What if the person who has road rage is you? If you’re guilty of getting angry behind the…

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Get a Grip! Checking Your Tyres & Tread Depth

Did you know that you can check your tyre tread depth using just a 20p piece!? Read on to find out how…. The 3 most important safety features of your car are your brakes, tyres and seatbelts. For this article, we’re going to concentrate on your tyres. We recommend that you check the condition of…

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