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Lightfoot connects you, your car and the internet so you can compete with family, friends and colleagues to...

Save Money On Fuel

A driver averaging 12,000 miles a year with a starting MPG of 35 will save around £330 a year (£27.50 a month) in fuel bills driving with Lightfoot

Save On Insurance

Lightfoot drivers are safer drivers and we're working with partners to offer significantly reduced insurance - beta users will be the first to benefit

Save The Planet

More efficient Lightfoot drivers are responsible for significantly reduced emissions of harmful CO2. A typical driver will save over 700Kg of CO2 per year  

Lightfoot - a driving revolution

Have you ever thought about completely transforming your driving experience? With Lightfoot you will be able to compete against others to save money on fuel, get cheaper insurance, and reduce vehicle emissions. Lightfoot helps you to track and improve your driving skills, using “connected car” technology, and helps you to maximise your Lightfoot score to win prizes!

Lightfoot listens to your vehicle control systems and, using F1-style analytics technology, feeds back to help you drive in the engine's “sweet spot”. Every engine has a “sweet spot”, where you get the maximum performance for the minimum effort. Your Lightfoot score reflects how well you’ve been doing in driving your car to its best abilities, and you can use this to compete with anyone else who has a Lightfoot device. 

The Lightfoot device is small, beautifully designed and non-intrusive in your car. It’s easy to install and does not leave any traces if you need to move it when purchasing a new vehicle. Lightfoot is the next generation of in-car technology. Want to be part of it? 

What our drivers are saying about Lightfoot

“Wowzers! The #Lightfoot effect: 670 miles from one tank. That's 90 miles better than the last tank!”

"I’m definitely saving money and I’m still getting to where I want to go just as quick… but in a more relaxed manner..."

"I can honestly say that Lightfoot has changed the way I drive and made driving a much more relaxing experience..."

"I'm loving Lightfoot. You guys have made driving fun again!! Amazing concept."

"Driving feels far more natural and I've noticed how quickly my driving style has changed."

"74mpg wow, that's a whopping 48% improvement in my fuel economy."

 "I think every vehicle on the road should have one!"

Are you in the top 3% of drivers?

The majority of people who drive with Lightfoot quickly and sustainably achieve our ‘Elite Driver’ level, whereas only 3% of non-Lightfoot drivers achieve the same standard.

Growing the number of ‘Elite Drivers’ is what really drives us – it means our roads are cleaner, greener and safer. What’s more, ‘Elite Drivers’ are the ones getting the biggest benefits - they save the most money, are least likely to be in an accident and earn rewards, recognition & incentives.


The top 3%

Most Lightfoot drivers quickly and sustainably become as good and efficient as the top 3% of non-Lightfoot drivers

Where the good stuff happens!

Drivers reaching our Elite Driver level will be seeing considerable fuel gains and emissions reductions

Elite Driver rewards

Elite Drivers are eligible for a series of prizes, incentives and other bonuses to reward their exceptional driving.


The Lightfoot Connected Car

Lightfoot also turns your car into a fully connected 'smart car' with a constant link to the internet which means you can access a range of amazing features and functions to improve your driving experience, put you in control and save you time and money.

Mechanical Alerts

Find out exactly what's wrong with your engine before you visit a mechanic

Breakdown Help

Let Lightfoot contact your breakdown provider and tell them where you are

Stolen Car Tracking

If your car is stolen, Lightfoot can track it and provide a location for the Police

Business Mileage

Record and download your business mileage for expense claims

Crash Assistance

If Lightfoot detects a collision it will contact the emergency services if necessary

MOT/Road Tax Reminders

Lightfoot can notify you when your annual MOT or Road Tax is due


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Typical annual savings*

Fuel Savings
Accident Reduction
CO2 Savings

*based on a typical data for a driver with an initial fuel efficiency of 30mpg driving 12,000 miles per annum

Don't miss out - now YOU can join the Lightfoot revolution

You can now be one of the first in the world to get your hands on a Lightfoot with a limited number devices available for pre-order now.

The opportunity is limited to a maximum of 500 drivers - the earlier you order, the more discount you will get.

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