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Civil engineering firm’s micro-fleet cuts higher-risk driving by two-thirds

Skilled Labour Services and Lightfoot Fleet management
A self-managing solution

Skilled Labour Services, which specialises in the supply and provision of skilled labour for groundworks and civil engineering construction projects, has seen incidents of higher risk driving within its fleet plummet by two-thirds all thanks to Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology and rewards platform.

Operating without a dedicated fleet manager, the business wanted a self-managing solution that would help to cut both fuel and vehicle bills, at the same time as helping their drivers to be safer on the road.

Ensuring that our team get to site safely

Empowered by Lightfoot’s dashboard device, which guides drivers to a better style of driving as they drive, Skilled Labour Services has seen impressive improvements in the way its drivers are conducting themselves on the roads, leading to an uplift in MPG of 4.9%, cuts in idling by 4% and reductions in CO2 emissions by almost 5%. As a result, the business has now rolled-out Lightfoot across its 14-strong fleet of Vauxhall combo vans. Commenting on the transformational impact that Lightfoot has made to the safety and efficiency of Skilled Labour Services’ drivers, Richard Allen, Director of the business, said:

“That was an issue for us as water is heavy, and inefficient driving impacts all areas of the fleet. Poor driving leads to additional money spent on brakes, brake discs and other vehicle parts. Add in the cost of down-time when a vehicle is off the road, the cost of hiring a vehicle and insuring it, plus the administration of organising this, and Lightfoot’s driver focussed solution was a no brainer.
“As an owner-managed organisation, we pride ourselves on getting the job done. We provide transport for our operatives to travel to construction sites across the southern half of England.
Ensuring that our team get to site safely and on time is vital to us, as our commitment is to save our clients time and money, enabling projects to be completed on schedule and within budget.”
“Ensuring that our team get to site safely and on time is vital to us, as our commitment is to save our clients time and money, enabling projects to be completed on schedule and within budget. By reducing the likelihood of accidents through Lightfoot’s in-cab technology, which guides our drivers to a safer more mindful style of driving, we can deliver on that promise.”

We now have a virtual fleet manager

Richard Allen added:

“Since we started using Lightfoot, the overall performance of our drivers has improved by at least 70% with a 67% reduction in dangerous driving. Our overall fuel costs have also decreased by 4.9%.
“With Lightfoot on our side, we now have a virtual fleet manager and the key to safe driving. That ensures the safety of our workforce and a positive impact on our vehicle insurance. As a result, we have now rolled this out across all our entire fleet.”

The holy grail for smaller fleets

Martin Kadhim, Lightfoot Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships, commented:

“Many smaller fleets struggle to manage the way in which their drivers use their vehicles. That can result in a culture of more aggressive driving, which has negative implications for vehicle wear and tear, accident rates, mpg and emissions. The holy grail for smaller fleets is to find a solution that changes all that, without the need for a dedicated fleet manager. That’s where Lightfoot steps in.”

Martin explains:

“Through our pocket-sized dashboard display device, which uses live engine data to provide drivers with real-time visual and audible feedback, we empower and enable individuals to become safer, and more efficient on the road as they drive. That, combined with our driver app, rewards package, and end of journey score, encourages users to become ‘elite drivers’, which is where businesses see the best efficiencies and savings across the board, and drivers get rewards and access to cash prizes in The Drivers’ Lottery.”

Gallagher Risk Management Partner

Lightfoot’s innovative in-cab driver feedback helps drivers achieve greater efficiency from their vehicles with fuel savings of up to 15%. It also reduces harmful emissions by 15%, at-fault accidents by up to 40% and wear and tear costs by 45%. Lightfoot’s impact on driver safety has led to endorsements from many of the UK’s leading Insurers and Brokers.

Carla Jordan, Gallagher Business Development Executive – London & South East, who introduced Skilled Labour Services to Lightfoot, commented:

“Helping clients understand what innovative technology is out there to help manage their risk is part of my job. Lightfoot is a Gallagher Risk Management Partner and I’m delighted that the client is getting such fantastic results from using Lightfoot.”

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