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Efficiency, risk reduction and fuel expenditure are all issues faced by fleets on a constant basis.

douglas and gordon car fitted with lightfoot
The power to improve in their hands

As one of London’s best-known independent estate agents, providing property services to the capital for 60 years, D&G know better than most just how the city has grown and changed. As reports continue to decry London’s air pollution crisis and bemoan a lack of solutions, D&G have bucked the trend and made an active effort to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicle fleet.

With 112 vehicles serving their offices across central, west, and south-west London, D&G were well aware of the carbon cost of their fleet and were not willing to accept it as an inevitability. The cost of upgrading any fleet to low or ultra-low emissions vehicles is hugely prohibitive and, ultimately, even the cleanest vehicles will only ever be as efficient as their drivers.

Douglas & Gordon's CEO, James Evans , said:

“So why not focus on your drivers? It’s a question that seems so simple, but when it was put to us by Lightfoot, it was a real lightbulb moment. Every other solution we looked at was focused on tracking and punishing drivers and never actually put the power to improve in their hands”

It was the way to go

Lightfoot’s connected car technology rewards drivers for adopting and maintaining a smoother driving style and produces profound results. The technology has been designed by automotive engineers, using F1-style analytics to communicate with the engine and help drivers stay in their vehicle’s ‘sweet spot’ – exactly how it was designed to be driven. Lightfoot’s unique system of audio and visual prompts gives drivers real-time feedback that empowers them to improve in the moment.

D&G were introduced to Lightfoot by their broker – Eggar Forrester – who had in turn been made aware of Lightfoot by insurer Allianz. Allianz are one of Lightfoot’s longest-standing partners, offering bursaries for clients wishing to roll out the technology.

Eggar Forrester's Director, Tommy Hodgson, commented:

“After making the introduction to D&G, all parties quickly agreed that it was the way to go.”

Reduction of 18 tonnes from D&G’s carbon footprint

D&G conducted their trial over two consecutive fortnights with Lightfoot fitted in 13 vehicles. In the first period, Lightfoot was installed in the vehicles but gave no feedback to drivers and simply recorded their performance. In the following fortnight, Lightfoot went live in-cab and coached drivers to maintain a smoother driving style.

Comparing the results between the blind and live phases, Lightfoot’s impact was clear:

  • +18.8% MGP improvement
  • -7% Idling
  • -75% Lightfoot penalties
  • -67% Dangerous driving

These savings, extrapolated over one year and across all 112 vehicles, should result in significant 5-figure annual fuel savings and a potential reduction of 18 tonnes from D&G’s carbon footprint.

Lightfoot’s Partnership Director, Martin Kadhim, said:

“D&G are sending a signal that driver safety has to be a top priority for businesses and we are so proud to support this commitment.”

Our reputation on London’s roads stays strong

As part of their overall package, D&G have opted-in to Lightfoot’s Driver Perks to ensure their drivers enjoy the benefits of smoother driving as well.

Douglas & Gordon's CEO, James Evans , said:

“D&G are sending a signal that driver safety has to be a top priority for businesses and we are so proud to support this commitment.”

Driver Perks provide all drivers with discounts on days out, shopping, dining and more while Elite Drivers (those who drive smoothly +85% of the time) are rewarded with further exclusive discounts. The cherry on top, though, is that Elite Drivers have access to weekly competitions and leagues in which they can compete for prizes. Previous prizes have included tablets, cameras, luxury hampers and dinner at The Shard.

James Evans added:

“Working with Lightfoot means we can be confident our reputation on London’s roads stays strong. We are committed to serving our communities in an environmentally-friendly way and reducing the impact of our fleet is a major step in achieving this. With Lightfoot, we can have even more confidence that our drivers are looking after themselves and everyone else on the road.””

Find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet.

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