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CEF is the UK’s expert supplier of electrical products and services for the professional buyer and contractor.

City Electrical Factors fitted lightfoot
Our employees’ welfare comes first

Via a national network of 390 branches, CEF offers its customers, large or small, the most extensive range of over 35,000 high-quality products, including leading brands and great value alternatives.

CEF recognises that their fleet has a significant impact on the environment, so they are now working with Lightfoot to improve fuel consumption and reduce the harmful emissions created by their vehicles.

Richard Whitehurst, a key group manager at CEF, has discussed how important the role of the van driver is in ensuring the good relationship between CEF and their customers. CEF has adopted Lightfoot as part of their ongoing mission to go the extra mile for their customers, and Lightfoot has been effective at reducing emissions and fuel consumption, minimising risk and reducing vehicle down-time – these benefits are all a proven result of the smoother, more efficient driving style Lightfoot enables.

CEF's Fleet Services Manager, Richard Whitehurst, said:

“Lightfoot is an excellent device which creates a smoother driving style and will help to keep our teams safe and ensure that our employees’ welfare comes first”

A huge increase in fuel savings for CEF

Richard has recognized the wide array of benefits Lightfoot provides to customers, such as reductions in the frequency and associated cost of accidents, along with reductions in vehicle downtime and fuel costs.

One of the most significant benefits of Lightfoot has been the notable drop in fuel costs, which has been incredibly beneficial to fleet managers like Richard. The rewards and incentives that Lightfoot has to offer have helped bring about a huge change in driver behaviour, with many striving to drive as efficiently as possible. This improved efficiency has caused a huge increase in fuel savings for CEF, with reductions of up to 12.1%.

Fleets are more efficient

Downtime is an important issue that fleets need to constantly review in order to enhance their efficiency. This positive change means that fleets are more efficient and, more importantly, save money.

CEF's Ian Thorn, commented:

“Downtime had decreased from 2.01 days in early 2015 to 1.11 days towards the end of last year – this equated to savings of 45%- a significant 6 figure saving”

Quickly and efficiently been able address any problems

Lightfoot takes the pressure off management to manage the teams of data typically provided by traditional telematics systems. This is becoming incredibly beneficial to fleet managers like Richard as it means they no longer have to interpret and action large quantities of data. Instead, Lightfoot identifies the small number of individuals who aren’t hitting their KPIs, allowing management to then action this information accordingly. Due to the ease with which Richard and other CEF managers can identify those who aren’t responding well to Lightfoot, they have quickly and efficiently been able address any problems and return to maximum efficiency.

Significant reductions in claims frequency and claims value

As a result of the safer, smoother driving style that Lightfoot enables, drivers are a lot more aware of what is occurring on the road around them and, as a result, they cause fewer accidents. CEF has seen significant reductions in claims frequency and claims value, along with significantly lower fuel costs and vehicle downtime. Lightfoot has also created a huge change in driver behaviour, with many striving to drive as efficiently as possible. CEF has adopted this device as a part of their culture and is therefore experiencing the many benefits on offer- such as reduced risk on the road, fewer emissions and increased fleet efficiency.

Find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet.

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