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Boyden Tiles is one of the UK’s largest suppliers and importers of ceramic-related products.

Boyden Tiles fitted lightfoot
Significant results in just a few days

Boyden Tiles made the decision to adopt Lightfoot to reduce accident rates and improve safety, which are both proven results of the Lightfoot technology. Boyden Tiles started with a “blind period”, during which Lightfoot did not provide drivers with any feedback in-cab. This data was then compared to the “live trial”, during which the Lightfoot device provided the driver with both audible and visual feedback in real time to encourage a smoother driving style.

During the blind period, only 40% of drivers were “Elite Drivers” (scoring 85% and above). However, once their devices were live, 100% of drivers reached Elite status, demonstrating how much positive impact Lightfoot’s in-cab feedback has on the driver.

Boyden Tiles's Operations Manager, Paul Nightingale, said:

“By far my favourite thing about Lightfoot is the live interactive feedback it provides, which helps our drivers to improve almost immediately. We initially thought it would be difficult for our drivers to change their driving style, however, due to this immediate feedback, we saw significant results in just a few days”

Fuel savings of 11.5%

Lightfoot has a proven impact in reducing accident rates, which Boyden Tiles has been experiencing since the devices went live. The frequency of incidents of dangerous driving has been reduced by 100%, which has resulted in fewer accidents, reduced vehicle wear and tear and improved overall safety on the roads.

While Lightfoot is significantly improving Boyden Tiles’ accident rates and overall safety, it is also increasing their fuel efficiency and, as a result, reducing the harmful emissions they produce. Since installing Lightfoot, they have seen fuel savings of 11.5%, which is a significant reduction that will have a positive impact on the business.

Boyden Tiles's Operations Manager, Paul Nightingale, said:

“Not only has Lightfoot helped to improve our accident rates and decrease our vehicle wear and tear, it has also given us the added bonus of reduced fuel consumption and fuel costs”

Our drivers are even more motivated

Lightfoot’s mission is to use rewards and incentives to bring about changes in driver behaviour – it is not just its in-cab feedback that helps bring about (and sustain) such notable changes, but it is the addition of personal benefits, deals and discounts that serves as the motivation to make drivers want to improve.

Drivers receive discounts on their personal car insurance, deals on car-hire and free weekly coffees, along with the opportunity to win prizes like a pie a week for a year, dinner for two at the Shard and meeting and racing against Nigel Mansell.

Paul Nightingale explains:

“One of the main reasons we have seen such significant benefits since installing Lightfoot is because of the rewards and incentives on offer. Our drivers are even more motivated to become better drivers and constantly compete to improve their Lightfoot score”

A new driving culture

But it’s not just drivers who are rewarded – Lightfoot has recently launched a new initiative called Fleet Manager of The Week, which enters the managers of the most highly-performing fleets into a weekly prize draw. Paul Nightingale was a recent winner, receiving a Hubsan Quadcopter.

Prizes range from gadgets like the Amazon Echo to experiences such as supercar track days, and these serve as motivation for managers to make sure their drivers fully understand Lightfoot, including how to get the most out of it and why it’s worthwhile for them to do so.

Paul has been active in ensuring that his drivers embrace Lightfoot, adopting it as part of a new driving culture to maximise its impact throughout the business. This is a key contributory factor to making sure the technology is as effective as possible – ensuring that drivers understand how it works and what it’s for which will help solve many of the problems that arise from poor driving styles.

Find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet.

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