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A&E Fire & Security, one of the leading fire and security protection services in the south of England, have installed Lightfoot.

A&E Fire & Security - a Lightfoot case study
Benefit from improved driver behaviour

Having learned about Lightfoot through social media, A&E Fire & Security spoke at length with Lightfoot’s Technology Specialists and Fleet Specialists to determine the ways in which the business could benefit from improved driver behaviour. After taking the time to learn and appreciate Lightfoot’s innovative approach to fleet management and driver behaviour, A&E elected to install Lightfoot across its fleet.

Finance Manager, Lynn De Backer, commented:

“We feel strongly about being able to carry out our daily work to a high standard for our customers. In order to achieve this vision, we require a safe, motivated, and highly-skilled team of engineers who are out on the road 24/7 tending to problems big and small.”

Improving working conditions and wellbeing

With such high expectations on A&E’s drivers, the company was eager to explore the role technology could play in improving working conditions and wellbeing for the people who play such a vital role in the business.

In the initial weeks after installing Lightfoot, A&E used the devices solely to record performance. There was no in-cab feedback or interaction with the drivers, the technology was only being used to establish a definitive baseline for the fleet’s efficiency. With a clear picture of A&E’s fleet performance established, Lightfoot turned the devices ‘live’ – activating real-time visual and audible feedback to help drivers maintain a more efficient driving style.

Keep team spirits high

Comparing performance between the two periods made the impact of Lightfoot abundantly clear.

Since running Lightfoot live in-cab, A&E drivers improved:

  • +9.8% MGP improvement
  • -19.5% Overspeeding
  • -99% Lightfoot penalties
  • +24 Lightfoot score

Finance Manager, Lynn De Backer said

“Introducing Lightfoot has not only helped us to make driving conditions better and journeys safer, our staff are now also rewarded for their commitment, whilst introducing a little competitive edge to keep team spirits high”

Extinguishing Carbon... One Mile at a Time

But what does this look like in the long-term for A&E Fire & Security?

Over the course of one year, the business can expect to save:

  • 5t of CO2
  • Thousands of pounds in fuel
  • 40 of at-fault claims

Lynn De Backer added

“Lightfoot innovatively monitors our CO2 emissions and encourages better, more fuel-efficient driving which in turn helps to reduce emissions. As a company we are looking beyond our competition, setting a benchmark and making our fleet more efficient and green”

Such is the support for Lightfoot and the company’s environmental efforts within the business, the A&E engineers have proposed a new slogan to be added to the fleet’s livery:

Extinguishing Carbon... One Mile at a Time

Find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet.

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