Lightfoot is a unique, real-time, verbal coaching technology that helps drivers understand exactly how they need to drive their vehicle to be both safe and efficient


Risk & Accident Reduction

Lightfoot improves driver behaviour with customers reporting significant at-fault collision reductions of up to 60%.


Cost Reductions = Rapid ROI

Lightfoot improves driver efficiency and typically saves users 15-20% on fuel bills, ensuring rapid payback and ROI.


Full Tracking & Telematics

As well as its unique driver coaching, Lightfoot does everything you would find in normal tracking and telematics.

Making better driving a competitive sport

Lightfoot not only gives drivers the technology to drive more efficiently, it brings a whole system to encourage better driving too.

With KPIs, driver scores, league tables and prizes, Lightfoot helps you make good driving something your team will want to do... 

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February 16th  

Medium Fleet League Table

01Affinity Sutton93.36
02Bournemouth Water91.38
03Global Rail90.68
04Oliver Kay 87.95
05Oxford City Council86.56

Large Fleet League Table

01Seafood Holdings92.66
03South West Water89.10
05Northumberland County Council 81.33


How does Lightfoot help management?

Lightfoot has been developed in association with leading driver psychology experts at Bath University to ensure maximum positive behaviour change.  Because the Lightfoot technology interacts with the driver at the exact moment that action is needed, and does so in a manner that leaves the driver feeling empowered and in control, it is performing a constant coaching role.

This ensures that behaviour is being successfully corrected in-vehicle, in real time, without the need for retrospective data analysis and resource-heavy manager input.

As a result, the super-simple administration platform means that managers and executives can confirm at a glance that their drivers are achieving the desired levels of driving performance.

Lightfoot Online Dashboard

How does Lightfoot help drivers?

Lightfoot Fleet Drivers

Lightfoot results in calmer, steadier and less stressed drivers who have fewer collisions.

What’s more, it leaves them in control of the information their managers get to see by responding to the initial alerts and correcting poor driving practices before anything is reported back to base.

This removes the ‘big brother’/‘spy in the cab’ connotations that traditional telematics struggle with, and ensures the drivers’ relationship with Lightfoot is a positive one.

Lightfoot also enables the creation of league tables and competitions, so good driving can be further recognised and rewarded.

Typical annual savings per vehicle*

Fuel Savings
Accident Reduction
CO2 Savings

*based on data for a van with an initial fuel efficiency of 26mpg driving 25,000 miles per annum

Lightfoot partners

Lightfoot is recognised by the following organisations for the unique way it helps improve driving behaviour and results in lower risk and reduced costs.

What customers say about Lightfoot

Autoglass Logo

"The fitting of Lightfoot has virtually eliminated accidents... employees have adopted a smoother driving style and greater awareness of what's happening on the road around them”

Group Logistics Director

"I don't need to make my drivers drive well.  Lightfoot does it for me."

Operations Manager
new sww logo

"We’re helping our drivers be safe and saving on fuel across the fleet, all with little management intervention.  Overall the technology gives us a very good rate of return on our investment.”

Fleet Manager
Birtwistles Logo

"We saw instantly positive results in our drivers' behaviour, a reduction in at-fault accidents and the added bonus of improved fuel economy."

Group Transport Manager
Aggregate Industries logo

"They (the drivers) are now trying to drive economically by their own wish, with little management involvement, saving the company money."

Health, Safety & Environmental Officer

"It is extremely refreshing to work with a company that deem service levels to be so important. Nothing is too much trouble and they are extremely flexible and helpful."

Supplier Relationship Manager - Fleet