Accident reduction

Accident reduction of up to 40%

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Working with fleets to improve road safety

When it comes to fleet management solutions, nothing is more important than road safety. The well-being of drivers and other road users is always of paramount concern.

Lightfoot’s positive influence on driver behaviour is proven to reduce accident rates by up to 40%.

For this reason, Lightfoot is endorsed by a wealth of fleet insurers and brokers, including Ageas, Allianz, Aon, Aviva, Protector, RSA, QBE, Gallaghers and Towergate

The secret lies in Lightfoot’s outstanding driver engagement and its ability to coach drivers in real-time.

Over time, drivers learn to intuitively avoid risky behaviours like excessive speed, aggressive driving, harsh braking, fast cornering and the like.

And the possibility of achieving Elite Driver status and qualifying for prizes and rewards acts as an added incentive.

Reducing accident rates, cutting downtime

Of course, improved road safety has other benefits for those involved with fleet management and fleet compliance.

Lightfoot’s ability to encourage safer driving and reduce accident rates has a major impact on vehicle downtime, insurance and warranty claims.

All of this benefits the bottom line.

Tony Pearson, Sales Director of BJS Home Delivery, explained how his fleet began using Lightfoot in 2019.

Immediately the company saw a reduction in unsafe behaviours like harsh cornering and accelerating. Its loss ratio fell from more than 90% to 60% and is continuing to fall.

The system was recommended to BJS by insurance company Gallaghers. Its MD Guy Mills felt Lightfoot’s tech approach would be the perfect fit and could achieve significant improvements for BJS without the need for time-heavy data analysis and constant management.

The results speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, Matthew Porter, Head of Technical and Business Performance at QBE Motor Performance also recommends Lightfoot to customers.

For Matthew, the great thing about Lightfoot is that it can do everything a telematics system can do and so much more, through its focus on the driver and driver behaviour rather than simply the performance of the vehicle itself.

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